And the winner of best “Party Pooper” goes to Storm Arwen!!

Thank you to Storm Arwen over the weekend for giving us utter heart failure! After a late set up Friday night, we arrived on site at Crystal Palace Christmas DogFest to find our lovely purple Leucillin Gazebo had tried to make like an aeroplane and fly away, fortunately it had flipped back and wedged itself firmly against a lighting post and there it was, tethered!

We want to say a huge thank you to all those brave and hardy souls whom battled the elements with their doggos determined to kick start the festive season with some Christmas Canine spirit! The weather was NOT kind but the SantaPaws Grotto had a steady stream of puppers looking for their Christmas dreams to be filled with toys and treats!

It was fabulous to meet some lovely pet owners, some Insta canine stars and give a warm cuddle to old friends, not to mention stock up on plenty of ByBenji biltong training treats to go into the Christmas Quiz prize selection!!