Did you know a staggering quarter of dog owners don’t pick up after their pooch!

According to a recent poll by www.animalfriends.co.uk around one in four dog walkers confess they don’t pick up their pet’s faeces! Not only is this highly unpleasant to others, if you happen to step in it chances are you will transfer it into private homes or public buildings and potentially run the risk of spreading diseases such as Parvo virus. Not to mention they make the rest of us responsible dog owners look bad!

Gloucester apparently the are highest offenders with half of owners admitting that they don’t bother clearing up their dogs mess. Wrexham has been named the dog poo capital of the UK as residents estimate they see an average of six different dog messes each day and Ribble Valley Borough Council says it receives over 200 complaints about dog-fouling and spends £30,000 clearing it up!

Come on everyone, that’s just rule #101 of responsible dog owning! Not only can you be lumbered with a hefty fine for not clearing up but have a little consideration for others. We all know picking up poo is not the dog owner’s favourite task but a small price to pay for the joy and love our furry friends bring to our lives!

Whilst the vast majority are good, responsible dog owners with 24% of the poll having even cleared up after someone else’s animal, there are a staggering amount of irresponsible owners still out there!

The Fun Part:

So to raise awareness and get people picking up, we’ve thought of a little game; we would like you to #PassThePoo as a reminder to always carry a poo bag.

To find the poo and enter please visit our Facebook account www.facebook.com/leucillin or on twitter @leucillin

To show you are a responsible dog owner, please Share or Retweet the “poo” far and wide! On 31st October we will select 5 winners at random to win a Responsible Owners Ultimate Walkies Pack! With prizes including BecoPets brilliant BecoPocket with ecofriendly biodegradable poo bags, ByBenji’s delicious biltong treats, no dog can resist and of course a bottle of the best pet skincare product, Leucillin!

So lets get sharing and make sure everyone picks up that poo!!!

The Prizes:

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