Team Leucillin was once again on for adventure in January. We packed our bags and the van for the long drive from Dorset all the way up North to the scenic Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

The British Homing World Show of the Year is the largest of its kind in Europe. The two-day event is its 47th year at the resort. There were over 100 trade stands selling all manner specialist pigeon and avian equipment. There were charity pigeon auctions, raffles for new lofts and the showing and judging of over 2,000 of the top homing pigeons in the country. The pie, chips and mushy peas on offer were top quality and certainly deserve a mention as was the invaluable help from Les Carter from Excelsior Pigeon,our fabulous racing pigeon retailers.

Organised by the Royal Pigeon Racing Association (RPRA) it’s the “Crufts for pigeons ”. The event is the largest in the world and sees fanciers of all ages making the annual trip. Pigeon press, international buyers and breeders get a chance to get together comparing results for the year or buying in new blood for the coming season. It's a veritable nirvana of pigeon enthusiasm.

Thousands of pigeons change hands at sales and auctions across the UK every year. It's not unknown that one auction for £10 can be followed by £10,000! It's quite staggering what can be paid for a pedigree winner or its offspring, but this is a serious sport with serious contenders. The prize money for winning even moderately attended races makes it a very competitive atmosphere.

Leucillin is finding its place for a quick recovery of racing pigeons who need to be in the peak of health. Not only can it be used for day to day skin care of the birds in the loft but also when dealing with more serious injuries incurred whilst out training or racing. We were welcomed by this fraternity of bird keepers with open arms and had a fabulous weekend. Thanks Blackpool!