Sponsorship of Lissa Green and Snoop (Corraggio Z).

**** Exciting NEWS from LEUCILLIN ****

We are very excited to announce we will be following the exciting World of Eventing with Leucillin Sponsorship of Professional Rider Lissa Green and her superstar youngster Corraggio Z but to all us Snoop!!

Although we have a lot of clued up horse mad members of our social media community, for all of those who don’t know, Eventing is an equestrian Olympic sport, it is the ultimate test of horsemanship and distinctive in that male and female riders compete against each other on level footing and for equal rewards.

Eventing is best described as an equestrian triathlon. Comprised of three phases: Dressage, the first phase, shows the horse's and rider’s ability to perform a series of prescribed classical movements on the flat in an enclosed arena. The second phase, Cross-Country, involves the horse and rider galloping over often tough, natural terrain, jumping a variety of fixed obstacles along the way. In the final phase of show jumping, horse and rider jump a series of fences in an enclosed arena. 

INTRODUCING: Lissa and Snoop:
Lissa Green is daughter of eventing legend Lucinda Green and a CCI*** (very qualified) event rider in her own right. Lissa has a string of equine athletes at her Wiltshire based yard. We’ll be following her progress with rising star Snoop, now aged 6, who has been with Lissa for 3 years learning the basics. Snoop is a big, handsome boy with presence; a careful and bold jump and a massive personality we can’t wait to introduce to you all!

Snoops first time jumping went viral, (see picture below) when he took the biggest leap over the fence, wow what a jump and well sat Lissa!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for regular training and competition updates from our exciting new Leucillin Team Members, Lissa and Snoop!!! Watch out for photos, videos and hopefully lots of tips on Facebook, twitter and of course our Leucillin blog!