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Thank you to Storm Arwen over the weekend for giving us utter heart failure! After a late set up Friday night, we arrived on site at Crystal Palace Christmas DogFest to find our lovely purple Leucillin Gazebo had tried to make like an aeroplane and fly away, fortunately it had flipped back and wedged itself firmly against a lighting post and there it was, tethered!

We want to say a huge thank you to all those brave and hardy souls whom battled the elements with their doggos determined to kick start the festive season with some Christmas Canine spirit! The weather was NOT kind but the SantaPaws Grotto had a steady stream of puppers looking for their Christmas dreams to be filled with toys and treats!

It was fabulous to meet some lovely pet owners, some Insta canine stars and give a warm cuddle to old friends, not to mention stock up on plenty of ByBenji biltong training treats to go into the Christmas Quiz prize selection!!


We have produced some answers to our frequently asked questions for our customers who are interested in using Leucillin as part of their biosecurity when they get the go ahead to return to work with animals. Every situation, council and business will be slightly different. We would suggest keeping up to date with the protocol being produced by the CFSG (Canine & Feline Sector Group) for pet business and conducting your own risk assessment in accordance with both government and local council guidelines.

Will Leucillin kill COVID-19?

COVID – 19 is the name of the disease caused by the latest strain of coronavirus. The virus is called SARS-CoV-2 and Leucillin has been shown to be effective against this in lab testing. The test is called EN14476:2013 A2:2019 Annex A*

Will Leucillin give me full protection against COVID-19?

Nothing can give you full protection. Leucillin is a pet safe topical spray which can be used as part of a biosecurity routine if required.

What tests have Leucillin undertaken?

Leucillin has been tested to the following EN standards.

EN13727, EN1656 EN 16437, EN16437, EN1657, EN14476, EN14476:2013 A2:2019 Annex A*

Leucillin is therefore effective against all enveloped viruses as defined in EN14476:2013 A2:2019 Annex A* viruses, this therefore includes all coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2.

Can Leucillin be used to spray a pet before collection/drop off?

Leucillin is an extra tool you can use to protect against cross contamination risk. It is harmless to tissue so is suitable for all external uses. This includes directly in eyes and ears and for sensitive skin or pets that suffer from allergies. You can spray Leucillin on the animals coat and it will kill bacteria, virus (including the virus SARS-CoV-2, that causes COVID -19 – please see above) and fungi. For most circumstances it’ll be sufficient to spray over the whole coat until damp as part of your protocol to reduce risk.

Will my local authority accept the use of Leucillin as part of my risk assessment when I am given the go ahead to reopen?

UK Government approved test criteria for SARS-CoV-2: EN 14476:2013 A2 2019 vaccinia virus enables claims for efficacy to be made against Wuhan virus.

We have a data sheet which has been sent to all of our direct accounts which can be shown to your local council should you need to provide further details before trading. If your council have any questions about Leucillin we will be happy to help them or you directly during office hours. and 0345 548 9800

Can Leucillin be used on people?

Leucillin is marketed for use on animals. Leucillin is safe for all mammals and humans are mammalian.

Should I spray Leucillin on the pet before handing back to owner?

If your business risk assessment finds this a necessary process for cross contamination reduction then you can spray Leucillin onto a pets coat, paws and muzzle until damp before handing back to their family. The coat will dry and the product leaves no residue.

How long does Leucillin take to work?

A maximum of 2 minutes on contact with the pathogen.

I want to see a double blind placebo clinical trial. Do you have that?

The above testing protocol is used for medicines. Leucillin is a safe disinfectant and therefore regulated as a biocide. It is not a medicine. It is therefore proven to be effective for its use by testing in a laboratory. We test against international government recognized standards.

Is Leucillin tested on porous materials?

Yes the bacterial and fungal tests include this.

Can I use Leucillin to disinfect my premises and equipment?

Whilst Leucillin will kill any bacteria, virus’ and fungi on contact on any surface, this is not it’s primary function, other sanitisers are more cost effective and appropriate in this case.

Leucillin is formulated for the safe application directly on skin for all mammals birds and reptiles.

Can I use Leucillin on leads and collars?

Leucillin is safe to use in regard to physical items, however because the product oxidises it can remove natural dyes in clothing items, this should not be a problem with pet collars and leads as these items are produced for the hardened wear of pets.

Will Leucillin work on a soiled pet?

In the case of vets, dog walkers, day care, rescues and grooming there may be an occasion that you might need to spray Leucillin onto a coat that has physical debris, for example mud. Leucillin has been tested as effective in porous conditions however you will need to use appropriate common sense on a case by case basis and remember it can only kill pathogens that it can contact. PPE and a bath, and shampoo maybe more appropriate for some circumstances.

Where can I get further information for my business?

Please by aware these are likely to change and update on a regular basis.
We recommend keeping up to date with the guidelines produced by the Canine & Feline Sector Group as they relate specifically to safe working in the pet business:

For government guidance about safe business practice

For any specific Leucillin related queries please email or call us. We are open 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday and can be contacted via or 0345 548 9800


Team Leucillin was once again on for adventure in January. We packed our bags and the van for the long drive from Dorset all the way up North to the scenic Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

The British Homing World Show of the Year is the largest of its kind in Europe. The two-day event is its 47th year at the resort. There were over 100 trade stands selling all manner specialist pigeon and avian equipment. There were charity pigeon auctions, raffles for new lofts and the showing and judging of over 2,000 of the top homing pigeons in the country. The pie, chips and mushy peas on offer were top quality and certainly deserve a mention as was the invaluable help from Les Carter from Excelsior Pigeon,our fabulous racing pigeon retailers.

Organised by the Royal Pigeon Racing Association (RPRA) it’s the “Crufts for pigeons ”. The event is the largest in the world and sees fanciers of all ages making the annual trip. Pigeon press, international buyers and breeders get a chance to get together comparing results for the year or buying in new blood for the coming season. It's a veritable nirvana of pigeon enthusiasm.

Thousands of pigeons change hands at sales and auctions across the UK every year. It's not unknown that one auction for £10 can be followed by £10,000! It's quite staggering what can be paid for a pedigree winner or its offspring, but this is a serious sport with serious contenders. The prize money for winning even moderately attended races makes it a very competitive atmosphere.

Leucillin is finding its place for a quick recovery of racing pigeons who need to be in the peak of health. Not only can it be used for day to day skin care of the birds in the loft but also when dealing with more serious injuries incurred whilst out training or racing. We were welcomed by this fraternity of bird keepers with open arms and had a fabulous weekend. Thanks Blackpool!


Leucillin Animals Skincare were delighted to show their continued support of dog sports, sponsoring for the second year the 36th Aviemore Sled Dog Rally. The biggest event in the British sled dog racing calendar, this annual event attracts more than 3,000 spectators, 1,000 dogs and 250 mushers with breeds including Canadian Eskimo Dogs, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds and Greenland Dogs. The event takes place over the picturesque forest trails that weave around Loch Morlich at the foot of the Cairngorms.

The Aviemore Rally is a real spectacle and exciting weekend of action, entertainment and education for all involved. The Mushers Market opens the event on the Friday evening, mushers collect their numbers and receive race times, it’s an opportunity to meet the sponsors and purchase your essentials for the weekends racing ahead.

Due to a hard frost covering the trail in a treacherous layer of thick ice, racing on the Saturday almost didn’t happen. With the incredible help of the Forestry Commission, Scotland and a lot of hard work from both organizers and competitors to get the trails safe, racing began!

Leucillin sponsored musher Peter Jones, also event organiser and four-time winner of the rally, said: “It has been a brilliant weekend, on Sunday we had snow which was a different trail again. It was a good covering for most of the trail, however not enough in some parts so we had to run the rigs again. Everyone had a good time.”

Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare is an incredibly versatile spray, which provides protection against infection. With an extensive range of applications Leucillin is the perfect product to have in your first aid kit. Leucillin is fast, effective, reliable and safe, it dramatically reduces bacterial load with no hypersensitivity reactions or usage constraints.  Leucillin "tests free" for use in all competition, canine and equestrian.

Working in harmony with the bodies immune system, Leucillin’s high efficacy fast acting formula is a straight to use product which can be used to cleanse and flush cuts, abrasions and punctures straight away with no diluting or rinsing involved, Leucillin irradiates germs on contact!

Leucillin sponsored Peter and Karen Jones owners and breeders of Team Coldfeet Huskies say ‘Leucillin had become a major part of the medical kit and is used on many occasions. Leucillin is fantastic, at the moment I'm using it on one of our huskies torn back foot, 1-2 days it's already healed and closing up, since we have found your product we won't be using anything else ever again!”

Leucillin are proud to sponsor a broad range of canine and equestrian sports, including CaniX Fur Nations Canicross Events, BHSRA events and races including Sleding, bikejoring and canicross and the TREC GB Summer League. Sports are a widely and inclusive way to exercise with your pet and helps owners create a bond with their animals. Canix UK has been running events for nearly 10 years and has seen a spike in popularity in recent months, with more clubs and events popping up around Britain.

“At CaniX we are delighted to have Leucillin sponsor our Fur Nations Canicross Events.  Canicross is the sport of cross-Country running with your dog, and our Fur Nations events will have competitors from Scotland, Wales and England battle it out in the biggest Canicross series in th U.K.  Leucillin has proved to be a “must have” product in our Dog First aid box, and that of many of our athletes: from a quick spray on a graze or help with healing post-operative wounds, cracked noses or split tails, - all have us reaching for the purple bottle!  We are proud to be supported by Leucillin” Dawn Richards - Fur Nations Canicross Events

Leucillin is an incredibly useful tool for any animal owner to care for their animals skin from the outside in. Coming in a range of four sizes it perfect for the first aid kit both at home and at events as a quick reaction to a wound picked up out whilst out on the trail.


Leucillin and TREC GB are pleased to announce Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare will be sponsoring the Summer League for 2019.

British TREC is an equestrian sport focussed on orienteering on horseback and the development of skills needed by horse and rider to safely plan and execute a ride in unfamiliar terrain. Originating in France as a way of testing and improving the skills of trail ride leaders and was introduced into the UK in the early 1990s, it continues to grow in popularity as an inclusive equine discipline.

A fantastic collaboration as Leucillin, is perfect to pop in your saddle bags whilst exploring the countryside. Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare is an incredibly versatile spray, which provides protection against infection caused by invading pathogens (bacterial, viral and fungal). Leucillin is fast, effective, safe and dramatically reduces bacterial load with no hypersensitivity reactions or usage constraints.

Leucillin has an extensive range of applications including first aid, post surgical sites, stubborn infections, effective allergy management, ear and eye infections, bites and can be used for prevention of conditions including, thrush, mud fever & rain scald. Leucillin is certified for use in organic livestock systems and "tests free" so it safe for use in competition. Perfect for the first aid kit both at home, at shows and as a quick reaction to a wound picked up out whilst riding out.

To find out more about TREC UK please visit the website link: